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Real cider is a long-established traditional drink which is produced naturally from apples. while perry is made from pears. Neither of these styles of drink are carbonated or pasteurised. Nor do they contain concentrates, flavourings (except natural flavourings such as fruits, honey, herbs etc) or colourings.

Over the years there has been a major resurgence of real cider makers which is reflected in the number of pubs that serve these traditional drinks.

Kent itself has over thirty cider makers and many of our real cider pubs serve Kent cider (look for the Real Kent Cider symbol)

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Anchor Inn,Wingham The Anchor Inn
High Street

Usually one cider on, typically Thatchers Stan's Big Apple.

(01227) 720392

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Bar,Deal The Bar
152 High Street

From Kentish Pip

(01304) 363306

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Berry,Walmer The Berry
23 Canada Road

Up to ten ciders/perries, including Kentish Pip & others

(01304) 362411

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Blakes of Dover,Dover Blakes of Dover
52 Castle Street

Biddenden's is their regular cider. During the summer, the range is extended and includes ciders from East Stour.

(01304) 202194

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Bohemian,Deal The Bohemian
47 Beach Street

Weston's Old Rosie is their regular cider

(01304) 361939

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Breakwater Brewery Taproom,Dover Breakwater Brewery Taproom
St Martin's Yard, Lorne Road

Four ciders, from Kent cidermaker Duddas Tun, are served.

(01304) 700043

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Carpenters Arms,Coldred Carpenters Arms
The Green

Three ciders from Kentish Pip

(01304) 830190

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Coach & Horses,Hacklinge Coach & Horses
Sandwich Road

Weston's 1st Quality is their regular cider.

(01304) 617063

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Crispin Inn,Sandwich The Crispin Inn
4 High Street

One cider is on offer from a variety of cider makers, including Weston's, Thatcher's and Friels

(01304) 621967

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Deal Hoy,Deal The Deal Hoy
16 Duke Street

Thatcher's Heritage Cider is their regular cider.

(01304) 363972

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Eight Bells,Dover The Eight Bells
19 Cannon Street

Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon

(01304) 205030

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Freed Man,Walmer Freed Man
329 Dover Road

Occasionally from Kent cidermakers

(01304) 364457

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Hop & Huffkin,Sandwich Hop & Huffkin
10-12 New Street

Biddenden's Bushels cider plus other ciders, usually from Kent

(01304) 448560

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Just Reproach,Deal The Just Reproach
14 King Street

Ciders are usually from Kent Cider Company, and further afield.


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King's Head,Kingsdown King's Head
Upper Street

Cider from Kentish Pip is served during the summer.

(01304) 373915

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Lanes,Dover The Lanes
15 Worthington Street

Over ten real ciders, all from Kent cider makers. Duddas Tun is their regular cider.

(01304) 213474

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Lantern,Martin Lantern
The Street

Including ciders from local cider makers

(01304) 852276

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Le Pinardier,Deal Le Pinardier
102 High Street

Variety of bottled ciders available

(01304) 372788

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Leather Bottle,Great Mongeham Leather Bottle
103 Mongeham Road
Great Mongeham

Usually one cider from a Kent cider maker

(01304) 375931

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Lighthouse,Walmer The Lighthouse
50 The Strand

Good selection of ciders with regular ciders featuring from Kentish Pip and Kent Cider Co.

(01304) 366031

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Louis Armstrong,Dover Louis Armstrong
58 Maison Dieu Road

From Duddas Tun

(01304) 204759

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Mash Tun,Dover Mash Tun
3 Bench Street

A range of ciders from smaller cider makers

(01304) 219590

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Mermaid's Locker,Sandwich Mermaid's Locker
8 Cattle Market

Including cider from Kent cider makers

07495 283483

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Queen Street Tap,Deal Queen Street Tap
42 Queen Street

(01304) 803644

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Red Cow,Sandwich The Red Cow
12 Moat Sole

Cider from Broomfield Orchard is available

(01304) 613399

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Rising Sun,Stourmouth The Rising Sun
The Street

Weston's Family Reserve

(01227) 721364

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Sir Norman Wisdom,Deal The Sir Norman Wisdom
18-20 Queen Street

(01304) 382930

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Taphouse Beer Cafe,Deal Taphouse Beer Cafe
5 South Street

07803 437342

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Thirsty Scarecrow,Dover Thirsty Scarecrow
107 High Street

Around 20 ciders, many from Kent cider makers

07454 934833

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White Cliffs Hotel,St. Margarets-at-Cliffe The White Cliffs Hotel
High Street
St. Margarets-at-Cliffe

Usually two ciders from Kentish Pip.

(01304) 852229

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White Horse,Dover White Horse
St. James Street

(01304) 213066

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Wrong Turn,Barfrestone Wrong Turn
Pie Factory Road

Good selection of ciders from a range of cider makers including Kentish Pip

07522 554118

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