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Nominate If you are a CAMRA member you can nominate a pub for the Winter 2017 competition. The deadline is Monday, 20th November.

IMPORTANT: You can only nominate one pub.



Many pubs in the Deal, Dover and Sandwich area sell good quality real ale and cider, support local communities and promote the aims of CAMRA. However, not all of these can get recognition through our main 'good pub' publicity vehicle: the CAMRA Pub of the Year competition.

So, as part of our work to promote pubs selling real ale and cider, we introduced the Pub of the Season (POTS) Award. This is a simple way for CAMRA members to nominate and vote for pubs that they feel are making a contribution to local beer and cider, local communities and the work of CAMRA.



There will be two POTS competitions each year: Spring and Winter.

You can nominate a pub by clicking the button above. Alternatively you can email As well as your name and CAMRA membership number you will have to provide a reason for your nomination - why you believe the pub deserves to win the award. Some examples could be:

To nominate a pub all you have to provide us with is the following information:

Although not carrying the significance of Pub of the Year and fairly light touch, the POTS Award is designed to recognise important qualities of the nominated pubs. We intend the competition to be very much member-led, but each nomination will have to conform to certain basic eligibility criteria, which include:

Once nominations have been received a decision will be made as to the most appropriate winner at the next branch meeting.


It couldn't be easier!

Let's get nominating and while you're at it why not submit some beer scores for the pubs you think should be getting more recognition in our branch?

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Last updated: 25th September 2017